Email details worth paying attention to.

The best email marketing out there treats every element of the email with care and importance, realizing its function as well as its role in the overall impression it’s making in the context of your brand. Below you’ll find a little pre-blast checklist of some things to consider before you launch your next lead generation email, nurturing campaign or promotional eblast.

From-line. Simple, right? You just put in your company name. Well, It’s not always that easy. First and foremost, it has to be clear who the email is from, so beware of abbreviations or from-lines that leave off an important part like what division of the company or product line you represent. Yes, it’s important to make it short and tidy, but make sure it’s clear so you don’t have to use the precious characters of your subject line to explain who you are. That way you can use your subject line to give recipients an irresistible reason to open your email. Also, as a branding note: keep your from-line consistent from email to email. You don’t want to be treated (deleted) as a stranger. Besides, it helps recipients who want to search for your email later on;)

Subject line: There has been lots said about how to write a compelling subject line and how many words it should be and just how much information you should impart. Let’s just say this: it should be honest, in that it doesn’t make people feel as though you tricked them to open it. If you have a great offer, give it up. If you have a compelling benefit, highlight it. Put the meat up front because a long subject line can get cut off depending on how people are viewing it; mobile is especially brutal. And avoid those salesy, spammy words and techniques, too.

Preheader text: If you use Gmail or Outlook you’ll notice the emails in your inbox have text following the subject line. This is preheader text, an additional opportunity to entice readers to open. When a recipient opens your email on their desktop, the preheader text shows up by default at the top of your email. Use it to deliver a perfect distillation of your offer or message. That way, even if they decide not to read your email, you’ll still have the chance to make your pitch.

Alt text: Most email programs don’t automatically download the images of your email. So what you get is an ugly empty box. You have to click the “download images” button to actually see the email in all its glory. It is the bane of every designer’s effort, but it doesn’t have to be a wasted opportunity. You still have the chance to insert a written message. Use it.

CTA: I.e., the call-to-action. Make it clear, make it distinctive, make it easy to find—but no matter what you do, make sure you get people to click and do something. Because that right there is the beautiful advantage to the print ad of today.

The most important email detail of all.

Great copy, of course. Remember you’re only a guest in your recipient’s inbox. So be interesting, for heaven’s sake, and they’ll invite you back.

I’m here to help.

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