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I'm a great resource when your workload blows up and you need a plug and play collaborator who will mesh well with your team and bring a fresh perspective that you'll appreciate. buy Premarin online usa
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Need big ideas and copy support to bolster your team’s creative capacity? I create campaigns for pitches and concepts for a wide range of projects. buy canadian Premarin


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I used an outside-in approach to help NYSHEX develop website content that ...

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I love email that features tasty design and a crisp, creative idea. ...

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It’s rough sailing in the ocean shipping industry these days. Amidst the ...

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Case studies don’t have to be long and scholarly to have an ...

What Our Clients Say

“Congrats man. The nursing ad got 110 phone calls the first day it ran. Nice job. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

– John Perls, Owner, Creative Director Crazy Mouse Media Advertising

“Conrad Winter… Where do I start? To label him a copywriter is an injustice to his array of talents. He is a joy to work with to say the least—and to say our brainstorms and collaborative sessions are fun is a complete understatement. His impulsive and spontaneous approach to thinking, writing and creative collaboration is additive. He has helped us develop some of the most dynamic, award-winning advertisements that the agency has to show for—he is a true benefit and resource to us. The best compliment I can pay Conrad is usually my last words to him as he heads out the door…”So when you coming aboard?”

– Paul Cirigliano, Creative Director at Morello+Company

“Working with you is always fun and inspiring. I always feel confident that we’ll come away with some kick-ass work.”

– Christine Anderson, Owner Rowhouse Design

“Conrad did a great job getting our yellow page advertising to work for us. We were spending a lot of money on advertising that was getting lost in the crowd because it looked like every other ad in the book. Conrad was able to come up with a concept and then put together copy and graphics that conveyed the message we were trying to get out to our customers. Conrad is both creative and professional and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with him again.”

– Scott Rimland, President Cardinal Development

“Thanks Conrad! The work you did for us was great!”

– Creative Director Tracy Locke

“Conrad, thanks again for the work you did for the Verizon Direct Mail Piece… The client really enjoyed all the ideas.”

– Anonymous Designer

“Conrad Winter? What an ace copywriter. I just recommended him to MetLife for a huge project they are thinking of doing.”

– Anonymous Marketing Director

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  My house backs up to a cemetery and fronts up to a small but busy cul-de-sac maintained and plowed by our town. During a snowstorm, the cemetery side is where all the action is. Without exception, the guy who plows their roads has theirs cleared and salted hours, sometimes days, before the city sends […] where to purchase Premarin

buy Premarin online

  On the morning of November 9th, I found myself searching the faces of my neighbors as they drove by. “Friend or foe?” I worried. I wondered if my sprinkler contractor was going to show up—or anyone was going to show up to work for that matter. People who rode the morning train into Manhattan […] order Premarin

buy Premarin canada

  I woke up in a panic a few Sundays ago. My daughter had a travel soccer game and we’d way overslept. The maps app said it would take 50 minutes but we only had 45. I reassured myself that those estimates only applied to little old ladies and snow plows. If I was driving, […] purchase Premarin online

where to buy cheap Premarin

  Why I killed backpocket copywriter. Back when I became backpocket copywriter 15 years ago, it seemed like a natural fit for my clients’ needs. I was doing a lot more 1-off projects. Things were much more wham-bam thank you, adman. Clients appreciated my creativity and quickness. The name, backpocket copywriter fit this arrangement nicely. […] can you buy Premarin over the counter in the uk

buy Premarin generic

  So you’re 5 miles into the backcountry mountain biking when you blow your rear tire. Once you get to work patching it, you realize your patch kit hasn’t seen the light of day since before your 6-year-old was born and the glue is dryer than trail dust. This would never have happened before you […] where can you buy Premarin

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In my recent post, “Non-binary copywriting: ready for the shift?” I asked readers to weigh in on their pronoun preference in business writing. It seems like people are ready for an gender neutral pronoun. Over half chose they—and there was even some interest in ze. Check out the results below. I like “they” and I’m […] mail order Premarin

where to buy Premarin online

  A recent article, Beyond ‘he’ and ‘she’: the rise of non-binary pronouns, on, touched on a topic that’s been on my mind for years now: The use of feminine and masculine pronouns in business writing—you know: he, she, him and her. I’m convinced we English-speakers need a  gender-neutral—or what some call a non-binary—pronoun […] where to buy Premarin in the uk

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  I’m not sure I am ready to start using texts as a promotional medium. But Matt Warner of Flocknote included texting in his lineup of outreach vehicles at the Digital Church Conference I attended today. His main reason is that texts are extremely interruptive. He cited a statistic that texts have a 97% open […] buy Premarin in bulk

can you buy Premarin over the counter

Let me begin by saying print ads used to be the industry standard—“Going to advertise? Great, let’s run a print ad!” But it occurred to me the other day while I was explaining my creative approach to a client, that emails have become the new print ad. Don’t get me wrong, I love coming up […] Premarin no prescription

Premarin where to buy

The best email marketing out there treats every element of the email with care and importance, realizing its function as well as its role in the overall impression it’s making in the context of your brand. Below you’ll find a little pre-blast checklist of some things to consider before you launch your next lead generation email, […] buy Premarin 0.625mg online uk