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I'm a great resource when your workload blows up and you need a plug and play collaborator who will mesh well with your team and bring a fresh perspective that you'll appreciate. buy Premarin online usa
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Need big ideas and copy support to bolster your team’s creative capacity? I create campaigns for pitches and concepts for a wide range of projects. buy canadian Premarin


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I used an outside-in approach to help NYSHEX develop website content that ...

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I love email that features tasty design and a crisp, creative idea. ...

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It’s rough sailing in the ocean shipping industry these days. Amidst the ...

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Case studies don’t have to be long and scholarly to have an ...

What Our Clients Say

“Congrats man. The nursing ad got 110 phone calls the first day it ran. Nice job. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

– John Perls, Owner, Creative Director Crazy Mouse Media Advertising

“Conrad Winter… Where do I start? To label him a copywriter is an injustice to his array of talents. He is a joy to work with to say the least—and to say our brainstorms and collaborative sessions are fun is a complete understatement. His impulsive and spontaneous approach to thinking, writing and creative collaboration is additive. He has helped us develop some of the most dynamic, award-winning advertisements that the agency has to show for—he is a true benefit and resource to us. The best compliment I can pay Conrad is usually my last words to him as he heads out the door…”So when you coming aboard?”

– Paul Cirigliano, Creative Director at Morello+Company

“Working with you is always fun and inspiring. I always feel confident that we’ll come away with some kick-ass work.”

– Christine Anderson, Owner Rowhouse Design

“Conrad did a great job getting our yellow page advertising to work for us. We were spending a lot of money on advertising that was getting lost in the crowd because it looked like every other ad in the book. Conrad was able to come up with a concept and then put together copy and graphics that conveyed the message we were trying to get out to our customers. Conrad is both creative and professional and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with him again.”

– Scott Rimland, President Cardinal Development

“Thanks Conrad! The work you did for us was great!”

– Creative Director Tracy Locke

“Conrad, thanks again for the work you did for the Verizon Direct Mail Piece… The client really enjoyed all the ideas.”

– Anonymous Designer

“Conrad Winter? What an ace copywriter. I just recommended him to MetLife for a huge project they are thinking of doing.”

– Anonymous Marketing Director

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It used to drive me crazy when clients would tell me, “I showed your ideas to my spouse, and…” Or “Let me get back to you, I just want to show the ideas around and see what people think.” I’ve kind of come to grips with the fact that a lot of clients are going […] where to purchase Premarin

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order Premarin

A few months ago I attended the AdAge B2B conference in NYC. One of the attendees, a marketing director at a small or midsized company, asked a question that befuddled the panel of agency luminaries. She asked why every agency she came in contact with insisted on going through a lengthy discovery process of uncovering […] buy Premarin canada

purchase Premarin online

Make a great big impression with an About Us page that tells a story.  When you’re 5’7” or so, it sometimes helps to know a few tricks for making yourself seem more imposing than your height allows you. Years ago, my friend Scott came up with a simple solution for when he was driving in […] where to buy cheap Premarin

can you buy Premarin over the counter in the uk

My time-tested approach for coming up with lots of ideas in a short time frame. You know, there as a time not too long ago, when clients would actually give you two weeks to come up with concepts for an ad. Yup. One ad, two weeks. These days, you’re lucky if you get two days […] buy Premarin generic

where can you buy Premarin

It’s important for copywriters and designers to present their work in person (or over the phone anyway.) I encounter almost universal resistance to presenting my work to clients. And just so you know, when I say, “present” I mean read my copy aloud to you over the phone as opposed to just emailing. I think […] where to buy Premarin tablets

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Learn to write email subject lines that readers can’t resist. If you’re like me, you probably strain over what to put in the subject line of your e-blasts. You ask yourself: “What will compel people to open it and not delete it?” “How do I make sure my email passes safely through spam filters?” “Is there […] where to buy Premarin online

where to buy Premarin in the uk

How to write subject lines that draw readers in deeper.  Hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day – and didn’t check your emails too much. Okay, maybe just the ones with the really great subject lines. Speaking of which, here is the follow-up to Part I of my list of tips for writing subject lines […] buy Premarin online cheap

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Will drinking help your writing, or will it just make people think you’re drunk? You ever wonder whether there’s any truth to all that Hemingway, Bukowski lore about liquor somehow lubricating the creative process and making you write beyond your potential? Well, I have a few “valuable insights” gleaned from my experiences writing, drinking, and […] Premarin no prescription

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Even designers who write, can benefit from working with a copywriter. Are you one of the designers who can write? They do exist—I know, because I’ve worked with them. But no designer is an island, especially when it comes to words. Even if you know how to turn a phrase or crank out a post, […] buy Premarin 0.625mg online uk

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Congratulations, you have a new product or service. You’ve poured years of effort and experience into it, and it’s just what the market needs. But, your baby has no name. So, how do you pick a memorable, distinctive and meaningful name–without making yourself crazy in the process? Here are the first four of my nine […] cheap generic Premarin