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There are some industries, where a particular set of imagery just works. Such is the case of the commercial real estate finance field. Birds of prey just work. The trick is finding a name that isn’t already taken or too similar to a competitor. I latched onto TalonVest through a combination of creativity, strategy and […]

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You’d think coming up with a name for an online betting site would be easy, but think again. Names in this category are well-mined. Working with Studio K&M design, I approached this naming assignment strategically—as well as creatively. The winning name evokes a red meat and brown liquor experience with friends that sets it apart […]

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When Deaconess lost their name (long story) they enlisted my help in finding a new moniker for their venerable school of nursing. I applied my systematic approach—and right brain—to the problem, and long story short, they chose Chamberlain.

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