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It’s always a thrill to help a new company develop its brand messaging. The folks at Reasonable Discovery, a technology-driven legal consultancy, brought me in to develop their website copy. The project entailed helping them determine their “voice”, differentiate their brand and tell their story. With service providers like Reasonable Discovery, the tendency is to […]

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This tagline worked with a long-running radio campaign I wrote for Banner that spoofed soap operas. Every radio spot used humor to highlight common faults of personnel agencies. The tagline, “We take the drama out of your daytime.” provided a memorable endpoint to each spot. It also worked in advertising that targeted both of their  markets – […]

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I always loved that Snausages commercial with the snuffling dog. Back then, I never would have dreamed I’d someday work on the brand at Y&R/Brand Buzz. But I did. The thing I like about this tagline is that it delivers a platitude with a wink. So rather than dismissing it as puffery, you smile.

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Taglines in the business-to-business space can be every bit as distinctive and inspiring as they can in b-to-c. In working with Marquis Design, I penned this line for Krisam Group, a premier national sales office for hotel and resort meeting site selection, that works on a lot of different levels. It states their core business […]

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