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Even designers who write, can benefit from working with a copywriter.

Are you one of the designers who can write? They do exist—I know, because I’ve worked with them.

But no designer is an island, especially when it comes to words. Even if you know how to turn a phrase or crank out a post, here are three things a professional copywriter can bring to your solo act:

Recently, the designer/writers at cinquino+co., one of New Jersey’s leading brand communications agencies, brought backpocket copywriter (me) in for all three of the above. How did it work? Well, we brainstormed in person on two occasions and then I fine-tuned the headlines and copy remotely. Once a campaign was chosen, I helped them expand the campaign into 12 ads. You’ll find one of them below.

Hope it inspires you to look for an IJO jeweler – and work with a copywriter. (Hint, hint.)

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