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Learn to write email subject lines that readers can’t resist.

If you’re like me, you probably strain over what to put in the subject line of your e-blasts. You ask yourself:

Your subject line, and your attribution line—you know, the “from” of your email—are worth straining over. Because if that adage “if they don’t read your headline, they won’t read your ad” is true for print (and it is) it is 100 times truer with subject lines.

In the case of subject lines, the listless, the over-hyped, or too-familiar end up being trashed before they even have a chance to become an email—or worse yet, they spur people to opt out or tag everything from you as junk.

Let’s not let that happen. Here are some tips I’ve learned from writing emails for the likes of, CENTURY21, and the Thinking Creatively Conference.

I could go on and on about subject lines, but I’m going to save something for next post. Stay tuned for part 2.

Subjectively yours – Conrad

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