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How to write subject lines that draw readers in deeper. 

Hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day – and didn’t check your emails too much. Okay, maybe just the ones with the really great subject lines.

Speaking of which, here is the follow-up to Part I of my list of tips for writing subject lines that land in computers and smart phones with irresistible appeal, interrupting quiet walks with your tablet on the beach, luring BBQ-goers off to a quiet corner to read their iPhone, and providing welcome distraction to drivers gridlocked in holiday traffic (only when you’re at a complete stop, now.)

Take a look, and please let me know what you think.

Lastly, take a chance and do something interesting. With the amount of email people get these days, you have to. And if you need help coming up with subject lines or buy Premarin online from canada, remember I’m here to how to buy Premarin online.

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