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AMA’s a big proponent of video content. For good reason—it’s so smartphone friendly. This one is meant to introduce managers and training representatives in the public sector to AMA’s government training solutions.

AMA brought me in to help them come up with concepts for the video and then write the script. After considering a number of options, they decided on this one, which used a mountain climbing metaphor to make the point that the success of our society depends on our public workers continually striving to reach higher levels of expertise and leadership. (So they best train with AMA—the undisputed leader in training leaders for today’s world.)

At 1 minute and 5 seconds long, it’s just the right length to deliver the key messages and encourage viewers to take a deeper look at AMA. Oh, and one other side note: 1 minute may not seem that long, but trust me, the short ones are the hardest to write. how to buy Premarin online