how I work

I propose.

Copywriting Process

During an initial conversation, I find out about your company, your project and your needs. Shortly after, I’ll provide you with a proposal that includes a project fee. It accounts for everything from research to revisions.

We talk.

I ask clients more questions than they’ve ever been asked before. Especially on websites where we’re developing your brand messaging, I dig deep to understand you, your market and your opportunities.

I strategize.

I often craft a creative brief for you to approve at the beginning of the project. In it, I define the objective, strategy and key support points. This provides clarity which is the key to success.

I deliver.

On the details of the creative brief, that is. I tend to over-deliver on the creative product. I’m one of those guys who just has to show three options: solid, seriously cool and scary (in a good way.)

I push you (gently.)

I do this because I think you need it. If I were in your shoes (and I have been), I’d need to be challenged, too. It’s how we achieve really great things.

copywriter process 4(I epilogue.)

I have a need to see you succeed. So I follow up to see how the copy flows in the site, how your email ranked in click-through or what response you got from the ad.