Write a Newsletter: 10-1/2 Reasons Why

LinkedIn gets all the attention these days. Blogs too. And sponsored content. But for many reasons, an eNewsletter deserves a place in your marketing mix. Newsletters have this magic quality to them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent out my own and heard back from someone that says “Your timing couldn’t be […] Continue Reading →

2023 TMSA ELEVATE Conference Raises Top Issues in Transportation Sales and Marketing

Nothing beats spending three days with your people talking about shared areas of interest.  The Transportation Marketing and Sales Association’s annual conference provides a prime opportunity for people in the business to dive deep into topics closest to their hearts. There’s nothing like it in the industry and its rare to find an association this […] Continue Reading →

Sell Sheets: Meet the Diamond in the Rough of Marketing Materials

Photo credit: When you mention a great new program (offering, service) to a prospect and they say “yeah, send me something” a sell sheet is what you send.  Its purpose is to convince them that what you’re offering is perfect for their needs and unique among all other options out there, whether it’s freight brokerage, […] Continue Reading →

Put Your Marketing Materials to the SUD Test

If your webpages and sell sheets aren’t Substantive, Updated and Differentiated, you’re missing opportunities to sell. I’ll tell you a little secret: prospects really do need, and want, you to sell to them. Companies picking ecommerce fulfillment providers, shippers deciding on their next TMS and importers figuring out the best way to move their cargo—they […] Continue Reading →

Tips for countering the Great Resignation in transportation and logistics.

Three TMSA events explore the impact on driver recruitment and provide best practices for hiring and holding onto them. The transportation and logistics industry is feeling the effects of the Great Resignation the same as every other industry, maybe even more so. After all, trucking was short 80,000 drivers before the pandemic even hit. The […] Continue Reading →

Natural vs scripted – do you really have to choose in video?

Recent video work for Flexcon Containers shows the possibilities for a natural, scripted video. When it comes to company videos, everyone says to keep it natural. That’s a good idea for customer testimonials or employee interviews where rough edges only make the footage more authentic and believable. But for demos, like a lot of people […] Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to get coworkers to contribute to the company blog?

Theoretically, coworker-sourced content should work.  You have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are willing to write blog posts. Some may even be aggressive in suggesting pieces they’d like to write. That’s great for your brand – company technical experts are the most credible source of information for buyers – and it can be a boost […] Continue Reading →

10 writing tips for short-staffed transportation and logistics marketers.

Marketing directors and managers wear a lot of hats these days. With the pandemic, I’m seeing their workloads intensify even more as their staff numbers dwindle and budgets for freelance are being cut. On top of steering their all-important brands, they’re also performing an array of design, production, optimization and analytical tasks. But the place […] Continue Reading →

How long’s it been since your last post: Weeks? Months?

It’s time to get past the frustration and get real.  I get it. You’re busy. You have product people clamoring for materials for the upcoming trade show and meanwhile you haven’t done a blog post in months while your website redesign has been dragging along in the sitemap stage for-ever. If it makes you feel […] Continue Reading →

Beyond best practices in white papers: let’s talk best propositions, preoccupations and prospects.

Given how many manifestations white papers have today, talking about best practices can be a challenge. It seems like the lines are becoming more and more blurry among white papers, e-books, case studies, research papers, and even brochures. So what are the best practices today? Rather than lay down a rigid white paper template and […] Continue Reading →