about me

Ad agency copywriters have a way of doing things you gotta love.

They bring lots of ideas to the table and know how to bring a brand voice to life. They bring the value of an outsider’s perspective and are uncommonly flexible, being able to bang out a TV spot as easily as a sell sheet or a case study.

I come from the world of ad agencies where the focus is always on coming up with a strong core idea. And for any project—be it a website, ad, brochure or whatever—there will always be many creative directions you could go in. Ad agency writers like me go there. We look at the options and weigh the merits of the big ideas—before we start writing. It’s a distinct discipline, it’s applicable to every medium or project and it makes a big difference in the quality of the copywriting you receive.

I learned this discipline over many years working on many different world-class brands from both the consumer and B2B world. During that time I developed the process I use on every writing project—of looking for that big idea among many ideas and then executing on it.

Over the years I’ve worked for and freelanced at agencies like Young & Rubicam, DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, FCB and Grey where I developed concepts and copy for brands that ranged from American Express OPEN and International Trucks to restaurant and industrial suppliers, software developers and training firms.

The experience has taught me to dig deep to understand your market and always provide prospects with benefits they value—in a way they’d never expect.

Working with a copywriter like me can open new worlds for you. It can lead to deeper engagement with your market, it can inspire your team and it can help you grow your company in leaps and bounds.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you and how I might be able to help you. Email me to set up a short call to discuss your needs.