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You found me.

What was it that brought you here? Did you search for B-to-B copywriter or was it freelance or marcom writer? Maybe it was an industry specialty that steered you my way. Transportation & Logistics? Training? Supply Chain?

No matter. You’re here, and I’m glad.

So let’s talk about you. Maybe you’re a marketing director at a company who needs copy for multiple platforms? Perhaps you’re a designer or creative director who needs brand messaging and campaign ideas? Or maybe you’re a manager of an in-house agency who’s looking for an extra hand and a fresh perspective?

Great. I bet I can help you. Clients tend to like my ad agency-style strategic process and how I come up with lots of creative approaches. They also appreciate my collaborative nature. And they rely on my versatility of being able to craft copy for everything from web sites, ads and case studies to email campaigns and video scripts.

Maybe you will, too. The best way to find out is to look at my writing samples and how I work page. If I seem like a good fit, email me and we’ll set up a short call to discuss your needs.



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I wrote this article on fuel-saving tips for Outbound magazine which is published ...

What Our Clients Say

“Congrats man. The nursing ad got 110 phone calls the first day it ran. Nice job. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

– John Perls, Owner, Creative Director Crazy Mouse Media Advertising

“Conrad Winter… Where do I start? To label him a copywriter is an injustice to his array of talents. He is a joy to work with to say the least—and to say our brainstorms and collaborative sessions are fun is a complete understatement. His impulsive and spontaneous approach to thinking, writing and creative collaboration is additive. He has helped us develop some of the most dynamic, award-winning advertisements that the agency has to show for—he is a true benefit and resource to us. The best compliment I can pay Conrad is usually my last words to him as he heads out the door…”So when you coming aboard?”

– Paul Cirigliano, Creative Director at Morello+Company

“Working with you is always fun and inspiring. I always feel confident that we’ll come away with some kick-ass work.”

– Christine Anderson, Owner Rowhouse Design

“Conrad did a great job getting our yellow page advertising to work for us. We were spending a lot of money on advertising that was getting lost in the crowd because it looked like every other ad in the book. Conrad was able to come up with a concept and then put together copy and graphics that conveyed the message we were trying to get out to our customers. Conrad is both creative and professional and very easy to work with. We look forward to working with him again.”

– Scott Rimland, President Cardinal Development

“Thanks Conrad! The work you did for us was great!”

– Creative Director Tracy Locke

“Conrad, thanks again for the work you did for the Verizon Direct Mail Piece… The client really enjoyed all the ideas.”

– Anonymous Designer

“Conrad Winter? What an ace copywriter. I just recommended him to MetLife for a huge project they are thinking of doing.”

– Anonymous Marketing Director

Natural vs scripted – do you really have to choose in video?

Recent video work for Flexcon Containers shows the possibilities for a natural, scripted video. When it comes to company videos, everyone says to keep it natural. That’s a good idea for customer testimonials or employee interviews where rough edges only make the footage more authentic and believable. But for demos, like a lot of people […] Continue Reading →

Why is it so hard to get coworkers to contribute to the company blog?

Theoretically, coworker-sourced content should work.  You have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are willing to write blog posts. Some may even be aggressive in suggesting pieces they’d like to write. That’s great for your brand – company technical experts are the most credible source of information for buyers – and it can be a boost […] Continue Reading →

10 writing tips for short-staffed transportation and logistics marketers.

Marketing directors and managers wear a lot of hats these days. With the pandemic, I’m seeing their workloads intensify even more as their staff numbers dwindle and budgets for freelance are being cut. On top of steering their all-important brands, they’re also performing an array of design, production, optimization and analytical tasks. But the place […] Continue Reading →

How long’s it been since your last post: Weeks? Months?

It’s time to get past the frustration and get real.  I get it. You’re busy. You have product people clamoring for materials for the upcoming trade show and meanwhile you haven’t done a blog post in months while your website redesign has been dragging along in the sitemap stage for-ever. If it makes you feel […] Continue Reading →

Beyond best practices in white papers: let’s talk best propositions, preoccupations and prospects.

Given how many manifestations white papers have today, talking about best practices can be a challenge. It seems like the lines are becoming more and more blurry among white papers, e-books, case studies, research papers, and even brochures. So what are the best practices today? Rather than lay down a rigid white paper template and […] Continue Reading →

Pre-note to TMSA2019

The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) annual conference just unofficially kicked off in Florida tonight. Media biggies, JOC, SupplyChainBrain, Supply Chain Dive and AGILE are all in attendance. Editors from each will be panelizing tomorrow.  This is my second year and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the transportation and […] Continue Reading →

How copywriting contributes to a great customer experience.

No one wants to do business with a computer, or have a relationship with a robot. It’s creepy.  That’s why it’s important to keep your web copy, content, case studies and email communications personal.  That’s not an easy task as companies become more digital and virtual. Nevertheless, making your writing personal is my number one […] Continue Reading →

Award shows are about more than winning.

  Awards shows play a crucial role in inspiring us to open our minds to new possibilities, they fuel the competitive spirit to perform to a higher standard and they teach us how it’s done. The “textbook” of my first copywriting class was a One Show awards annual—the book that displays all of the winning […] Continue Reading →

What does it take to become a “shipping partner of choice?”

Use referrals, case studies, and video to demonstrate proof of performance. Perhaps the greatest takeaway I received at the recent Transportation Sales and Marketing Association conference came during the shipper panel. It was the opportunity to listen to a panel of prominent decision-makers live and unfiltered. The panel members are part of a very elusive […] Continue Reading →

Why Google hates your website.

At TMSA’s 2018 Logistics Marketing and Sales Conference, Chris Peer, President & CEO of Digital Marketing Agency, SyncShow delivered a highly-relevant presentation entitled “10 Reasons Google Hates Your Transportation Website.” I can safely say that Chris’s tips apply to every site and every industry under Google’s sun today. As a classic cobbler’s son who’s prone […] Continue Reading →