why me?

“Why choose me?” you ask.

why-choose-meIf you’re thinking, “Nice logo and Germanic-sounding name, but neither of those are going to increase my market share or jack up my sales”, you are correct. So let’s talk about your copywriting needs and why I’m best qualified to help you.

You need copywriting that helps you rise above your competition. I come from some of the best-known agencies in advertising history where I’ve worked and consulted over the years. Y&R, O&M, DDB, ETC. Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned a creative process that starts with identifying a smart core strategy and then uses creativity and expertly crafted copy to get your message across. As a result, you get high quality, creative work just like you’d receive from an ad agency.

You need a copywriter who will give your writing project the personal attention it deserves. I approach every project and marketing problem the same way: with passion, curiosity and a proven process. Over the course of many projects and clients. I have helped companies market everything from shipping services and productivity software to challenging legal and financial due diligence services. I’m up to the task of writing for your business service.

You have many different copywriting needs and you want to integrate them all. I specialize in brand messaging for a wide range of media—from websites and ad campaigns to videos and brochures. I understand the best practices and nuances for writing copy for your chosen medium. And I can help you align your brand messaging so it’s consistent and produces a powerfully cumulative effect.

You need a project-writer, but what you really want is a partner. Over the years, I’ve helped many companies build up their brands and gain great success. That’s gratifying to me. It drives me to work very hard for the companies who trust me with their copywriting. As a result, I’ve developed relationships with quite a few companies who view me as a key member of their marketing teams and continue to rely on me as their brands grow.

You want the expertise of an ad agency copywriter but you also want the flexibility and nimbleness of a freelance partner. I give you the best of both worlds. I provide creative options and unexpected approaches that help your company stand out. I also bring professionalism, personal involvement and accessibility that gives you confidence, while ensuring important details are attended to. And I bring responsiveness that helps you take advantage of opportunities.

You know you’re marketing business services, but you just don’t want to sound like it.
My experience working on world-class B2B and consumer brands taught me to speak to all audiences, consumer or business, as human beings with unique needs. I strive to speak to those needs in a way that positions your business service as the logical choice. I do that by leveraging market insights, coming up with creative approaches and then writing in a conversational manner your prospects like and trust.

You need a really great copywriter, but you just don’t need them all the time. Great! I’m here when you need me. That gives you great flexibility. And you never have to worry about my hours getting out of hand because I work on a project fee basis so everything is included. I’m there wherever you need me, too, because I work virtually. I’m a New Jersey-based copywriter but I work successfully with companies across the U.S. as well as in Israel, Mexico and Canada.