in-house agencies


Need a copywriter, but don’t want to be a babysitter?

You have needs—website copy that has to be written, emails that require crafting and a host of collateral and content assignments that need writing. Oh, and you have a B2B product or service that isn’t exactly the easiest topic in the world to write about.

I understand. And with me, you won’t have to mess around training a copywriter or overseeing their work. I bring an ad agency-style of working that is structured and strategic and yields lots of imaginative, high-impact ideas for you. I work quickly and can campaign-out ads, emails, and integrated campaigns for you.

I’m also a versatile source for your short format, creative and conceptual projects as well as your long format content and collateral projects. I can help you nail your needs—and make you look really good in the process.

I’m a great resource when your workload blows up and you need a plug and play collaborator who will mesh well with your team and bring a fresh perspective that you’ll appreciate.

I’m good for your budget, too. I work on project fee, so there’s no hourly creep. I’ll give you a proposal that includes revisions, meetings and everything else. Then I stick to it. How do I do it? By carefully listening to your needs, understanding your expectations and applying a process I’ve practiced over many projects.

With me, you get the surety of a really experienced person assisting your team for just the amount of time you need. Isn’t that just what you want from a freelancer? Here’s an idea of some of the things I could help with:

  • Video scripts with a visual concept and attention-holding copy
  • Campaigns that go in directions your team’s overlooked
  • Content and collateral projects that your copywriters are too busy for
  • Important lead-generating emails that need a creative touch
  • Ad concepts that get creative with your product or service

Curious how this would work? A short conversation will answer all your questions. Call me or email me to set something up.