Natural vs scripted – do you really have to choose in video?

Recent video work for Flexcon Containers shows the possibilities for a natural, scripted video.

When it comes to company videos, everyone says to keep it natural. That’s a good idea for customer testimonials or employee interviews where rough edges only make the footage more authentic and believable. But for demos, like a lot of people are doing for virtual trade shows lately, keeping it natural can be a challenge. 

Communicating important points and doing it in a flowing manner in a limited amount of time requires a script. You simply have to work it out in pixels first; otherwise you risk production hell of shooting excessive takes and wrestling with difficult video edits. 

So is it possible to craft a script that’s purposeful, structured and natural? I think so. 

Read this mini-case study of a demo video I created with Brightwell Design for Flexcon Containers below. Or cut to the chase and see it here.

Case Study

Flexcon Containers Demo Video: Scripted Meets Natural

Background: Third-generation family-owned and New Jersey-based, Flexcon designs and manufactures container systems that play a critical, behind-the-scenes role in some of the largest, most advanced ecommerce operations in America.  I recently partnered with Brightwell Design to create a demo video promoting Flexcon’s ecommerce container solutions that featured Flexcon President, Ken Beckerman. 

Challenge: The video covered a lot of ground and had too many details to just wing it because we might overlook something by accident. We also had a lot of fantastic stories, insights and tips to include in 6 minutes. We needed structure and a tight, efficient read.

Solution: My approach for helping Ken stay natural was to interview him over the phone beforehand in order to capture the anecdotes, passion and personality traits that make Ken, Ken. Then I wrote a script that tightened up his stories and language, organized his points and smoothed his transitions between subjects. 

Outcome: The result is a video that is infused with Ken’s creativity, commitment and enthusiasm—and that packed a lot of information into a short period of time. The video provides a window into the Flexcon brand personified by Ken, while seeding the company’s leadership in the ecommerce container space. Having a polished script written in Ken’s voice enabled him to focus on his delivery not figuring out what to say next.