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You need to nail this.

You don’t have time for unproven options and you can’t mess around with a writer who will “maybe” understand the medium or your client’s category.

You need someone who can get right to the point, understand the strategy and start coming up with creative executions.

That’s me.

I can’t promise that I have done your exact project before. But I can say that I have a way of working that enables me to successfully and creatively work on a variety of media for a wide range of B2B companies. I developed my methods working at ad agencies over the years. It’s strategic, brand-centric and yields lots of ideas for you.

I understand what you’re up against. You can’t afford to engage a writer whose hours will become a runaway train wreck. I help you stay in control by working on a project fee basis. Everything is included. No surprises. Easy peasy.

Besides that, I love great design and am a fan of fantastic art direction. I do what it takes to create great art. If that means cutting copy or restructuring the flow of the text, I do it because I know it will make the work better. Important point: I’m all about the creative, just like you.

I’ll deliver concepts and copywriting that make you happy, relieved, proud and amazed—all at once. And don’t forget: I get business-to-business and can get up to speed quickly.

Here’s why you should keep me on your radar:

Ready to get hammering on your project? 20 minutes on the phone can determine whether I’m the writer for your job. Please email me to set up a time.