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Why I killed backpocket copywriter.
Back when I became backpocket copywriter 15 years ago, it seemed like a natural fit for my clients’ needs. I was doing a lot more 1-off projects. Things were much more wham-bam thank you, adman. Clients appreciated my creativity and quickness. The name, backpocket copywriter fit this arrangement nicely.

Alas, my business has changed.
Quick, one-and-done projects for a long list of companies and categories was a carryover from my agency days. I’ve found that what companies and clients need today isn’t “backpocket” in any way.

What the world needs now.
I find that what clients really need is continuity and accessibility. And that’s what I try to provide. I believe it’s a huge benefit to companies to work with a copywriter who knows their brand, their category and their overall marketing plan. But that’s more of a frontpocket role, than a backpocket one. You see the confusion? When I started asking colleagues and clients about it, I learned that was only the beginning of the mixed messaging.

It’s time to deal with the disconnect.
Talking to people, I found that for many, “backpocket” means “special occasion.” For others, “in a pinch.” And for some, “backburner.” (Gasp) None of these interpretations is an accurate—or desireable—fit. So I had to ask myself, “If backpocket copywriter isn’t reflecting who I am, what I do or what I want to be—why am I using it?”

I’m taking my cue from all that is true.
I think the best brands out there tap into attributes that are authentic and true—or at the very least not disconnected and confusing. So goodbye backpocket, it’s time to start being myself.

No more pocket metaphors.
Say hello to And remember, if your brand needs help finding its true expression in writing, I’m here to help.