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It’s rough sailing in the ocean shipping industry these days. Amidst the continuous disruptions and uncertainty in recent years, stability is a prized commodity. The problem is that there’s nothing, how shall I say this…ad-worthy…about the concept of stability.  So we made a little joke about it, and in doing so, made Maersk Line’s boring […]

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This regional leader in CAD CAM CAE and Rapid Prototyping Implementation has a great story to tell. They have a series of firsts and a deep commitment to their customer base. This series of ads from Paul Kiesche Design highlights the service side of Cimquest’s business while reinforcing their position on the leading edge of […]

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Humor, based somewhat in reality, was a good way to catch the attention of banks and associations. The Business Owner is a high quality publication that banks and associations can brand, customize and use in their outreach. The content is impressive, authoritative and the next best thing to a a sit-down.

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In bakery supply, it’s all about relationships. Family bakeries stay with suppliers for generations. This ad, which I wrote at Cinquino + Co., cleverly communicates EFCO’s commitment to bakers’ success. The body copy explains how the company’s technical assistance and product development capabilities are good reasons enough to break any relationship and make the switch […]

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