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Learn to write email subject lines that readers can’t resist. If you’re like me, you probably strain over what to put in the subject line of your e-blasts. You ask yourself: “What will compel people to open it and not delete it?” “How do I make sure my email passes safely through spam filters?” “Is there […]

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How to write subject lines that draw readers in deeper.  Hope you had a relaxing Memorial Day – and didn’t check your emails too much. Okay, maybe just the ones with the really great subject lines. Speaking of which, here is the follow-up to Part I of my list of tips for writing subject lines […]

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Will drinking help your writing, or will it just make people think you’re drunk? You ever wonder whether there’s any truth to all that Hemingway, Bukowski lore about liquor somehow lubricating the creative process and making you write beyond your potential? Well, I have a few “valuable insights” gleaned from my experiences writing, drinking, and […]

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Even designers who write, can benefit from working with a copywriter. Are you one of the designers who can write? They do exist—I know, because I’ve worked with them. But no designer is an island, especially when it comes to words. Even if you know how to turn a phrase or crank out a post, […]

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Congratulations, you have a new product or service. You’ve poured years of effort and experience into it, and it’s just what the market needs. But, your baby has no name. So, how do you pick a memorable, distinctive and meaningful name–without making yourself crazy in the process? Here are the first four of my nine […]

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In my previous post, I showed you how to conduct a thorough naming exercise. Now I’ll show you how to separate the wheat from the chaff with the end goal of finding your own Snausages, DieHard, or Mac for your product or service. Get ready for part two of my nine steps to coming up […]

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