“They” wins.

In my recent post, “Non-binary copywriting: ready for the shift?” I asked readers to weigh in on their pronoun preference in business writing. It seems like people are ready for an gender neutral pronoun. Over half chose they—and there was even some interest in ze. Check out the results below.

I like “they” and I’m down with this whole non-binary thing. – 52.44%

Give me the certitude of “he or she” and let’s end all this talk of neutrality. – 28.05%

Keep your hands off my gender. God made his and her for a reason. – 14.63%

I’m kind of liking “ze.” It’s fresh, it’s easy on the ears and it has the instant cache of the letter “z.” – 3.66%

I’m in favor alternating strictly between the use of “he” and “she” and keeping an accurate tally of their usage just so we can keep things fair and square. Maybe we should petition Microsoft to make it an auto correct function and punish people with a low gender parity score by making them go to some sort of reconditioning boot camp or a really long webinar or something. – 1.22%

Give “she” a chance. – 0.00%