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Inc. 5000 Promotional Email


I love email that features tasty design and a crisp, creative idea. Brightwell Design + Marketing in Hoboken brought me in to help develop concepts for their client, the Inc. 5000. We started with a simple, smart strategy: that being listed on the Inc. 5000 will increase your organization’s opportunities immeasurably. After that, we iterated and […]

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I created this lead nurturing email campaign for Decal, a manufacturer of decalcifying formulas used in medical laboratories. Our primary target was the histotechs who use the product. Our goal was to drive preference in a market that perceived all decalcifiers as a commodity. Our tactic was to appeal to the passion and dedication of the […]

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It’s not all McLarens and Cristal for Fast Company readers. This promotional email appeals to the generous side of this unique b-to-b audience. It’s  based on two insights: FC readers value great intell above all else—and they know a good deal when they see one. The copy is cleverly attention-getting and gets right to the point—these people have places to go […]

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