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  I remember my first official freelance assignment like a dream that never was. I was working from my kitchen table. Framing my computer screen was a pretty view of the apartment cluster’s courtyard. The smell of coffee mixed nicely with the scent of salt air from the beach a block away. I remember sighing […]

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This was a combination sell sheet and take-one I created for Up Design for their client, Ricoh. The printed piece was placed in airport clubs and other service providers located in airport terminals. The target is busy business travelers, so I wrote the copy to be scannable with crisp headlines and subheads and tight, benefit-laden […]

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Travel agents are a tough audience. They’re busy. They don’t suffer foolish copy easily. This sell sheet aims right for the sweet spot: profit. It highlights, one and only one, of the many lucrative uses for the Galileo. The copy is targeted, loaded with benefits and super-scannable, just the way travel agents like it.

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